Tuesday Folders

4:33 pm March 5th, 2013

You don’t have to wait for parent teacher conferences to share data on student progress. You can communicate with families about how their kids are doing all year through using Tuesday Folders!

How do Tuesday Folders work?
Every Tuesday, students graph their scores on short-cycle reading and math assessments. They also use a template to write a reflection letter to a family member about their progress toward their goal and things they will do at home or at school to support their learning. Parents review the data and letter in the folder, and then write a response to their child and their child’s teacher and return the following day. It’s a great way to encourage two-way communication about student progress, and to invest kids and families in reaching their achievement goals!

What do Tuesday Folders look like?
Completed Tuesday Folder graph, letter, and cover sheet:
Create your own Tuesday Folder! Download blank templates of materials here:

Tuesday folder blank templates