Improving Family Engagement

We define family engagement as the collaboration between families and educators that accelerates student learning. A strong body of research shows that students do better in school and in life when their parents are engaged in their education.

Since our beginnings in DC, Flamboyan has worked to develop the capacity of educators to partner effectively with families so that children succeed. Transformation happens when teachers reach out to establish trust, build relationships, and partner with families to support children’s academic progress.

Through this work, Flamboyan aims to help families play the five most important research-backed roles that drive student success. The roles parents play in their children’s success are: setting high expectations, monitoring performance and holding children accountable, supporting learning at home, guiding children’s education through college, and advocating for them.

Principals who work with Flamboyan say that family engagement has helped drive academic improvement. Teachers report that family engagement helps them feel more supported in the classroom, and that when families are involved, students are more motivated to learn. For parents, family engagement makes them feel welcome at their child’s school and empowered to effectively support their child’s learning.

Flamboyan is constantly learning and improving its work by incorporating national research, proven best practices, and the insights and perspectives of the educators and families we serve. Flamboyan synthesizes and refines these findings in order to offer inspiring, results-driven training, tools, and resources to improve family engagement.