Areas of Focus

Many challenges surround efforts to improve outcomes for kids: systemic inequity, poverty, and scarce resources. In the face of such daunting barriers, it is difficult to find what works, let alone to influence wider change. Flamboyan believes that ultimately, people solve problems. To solve complex societal challenges, they need strategic support and impact-driven best practices and tools. At Flamboyan, we work at the intersection of education, government, strategic philanthropy and the non-profit sector, equipping leaders, teachers and community members to improve educational outcomes for kids through catalytic, results-driven collaboration.

In DC, we help educators transform student learning through partnership with families. Teachers report that family engagement work helps them feel more supported in the classroom and that students are more motivated to learn. Principals who work with us say that family engagement has improved their student achievement. For parents, Flamboyan’s family engagement efforts create a renewed sense of hope and clarity on how to most effectively support their child’s learning.

In Puerto Rico, we are a leading foundation, paving the way for innovation in our sector and partnering with committed people in government, business, foundations, nonprofits, and schools. Collaboratively, we have overcome barriers to increase strategic, results-driven philanthropy and published critical research addressing deeply entrenched problems in our public schools. As a result of our research, we have focused our attention on identifying, replicating, and celebrating great teaching practices that impact student outcomes.

The work of Flamboyan starts with people, listening and learning from parents, teachers, practitioners, and researchers. We refine, synthesize, and iterate upon their insights to create practical and effective trainings and tools and advocate for policies and system changes that help people help children succeed.