Early Childhood Education APTT Skills

4:17 pm March 5th, 2013

What are the most important skills for 3 and 4 year olds to master? Are there things parents can do at home to help? Flamboyan Foundation teamed up with the DCPS Office of Early Childhood Education to develop guidlines on what skills, goals, and activities teachers should share with families during Academic Parent Teacher Team (APTT) meetings for the little ones. Using GOLD’s Tools of the Mind curriculum, the Office of Early Childhood Education identified key developmental and cognitive skills teachers could share with families at APTT meetings, as well as aligned assessments and activities from the curriculum. Flamboyan Foundation and the Office of Early Childhood Education met last month to train school-level coaches on how to pilot this tool with teachers and principals. Based on feedback from current partner schools and the early childhood coaches, Flamboyan Foundation and DCPS will work together to revise and strengthen this tool this summer before launching APTT in new schools this fall!

Guidance for ECE Content in APTT Meetings 1-28-2013